Lightweight jQuery UI Grid

  • Easy to use only the features of the grid that you need
  • Editable column types for different data types
  • Easy to Customize
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Advanced JavaScript App Framework

  • Quickly build modern web 2.0 applications
  • Modular so that you only deploy what you really use
  • Includes extensions to build on Google APIs
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JavaScript Build Tool

  • Java based for portability
  • Works with industry leading tools for maximum optimization
  • Use as ant task or standalone tool
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What Is Kusog?

Kusog is an open source collection of JavaScript tools, widgets, and a framework that work together to help build powerful web applications quickly.

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Use The Demos

Check out our demos showing the abilities of Kusog, including:


Grab the JavaScript and get started.  We offer Kusog in a variety of prebuilt downloads so you don't have to carry around everything if you don't use it.

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Learn How To Use It

Check out our quick start guide, and other documentation to help you get started.

Review The Architecture

Building complex web applications requires careful consideration of the Architecture.  Check out our achitect's white paper to learn more.

Architect's White Paper

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Register with Kusog.org so that you can post comments, and ask questions about using Kusog, jQuery, JavaScript, and more.

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